How To Transfer Data On MTN Line

How To Transfer Data On MTN Line From Your Phone

The enquiry, ‘How to transfer data on MTN line’ is one of the most asked questions by mtn network users. There is a growing number of people penetrating the online space who also need data.  Many of which request data to be transferred to them from friends and family.  Probably you are equally about to transfer data on mtn line to another person at the moment too, hence you needed to get the info required.

This is a very common query in Nigeria and that is why I intend to give you details on how to go about it. It is not daunting task at all.  It is a service that MTN has made available on its service menu for the use of its customers. You can transfer data on MTN just as you can transfer airtime to another mtn user.  The network providers know that in Nigeria we live a communal life and therefore we have a high propensity to share things.

Just as you can share a rosted corn with your friend who humbly ask of it, you can equally share or transfer data on your mtn line from your phone to a friend’s. There is love in sharing they say. I have done so on many occasions and it went through successful.  Regardless of the model or make of your smart phone, be it android, Samsung or an iphone, the process involved is the same.

This particular service that allows you to transfer mtn data to another mtn user is called MTN Gift Data.  Just as your tv is boring without a cable subscription, so also is your smart phone without a data subscription. It doesn’t matter how that data comes, whether by purchase or by sharing.

Sometimes when you are broke and you need to be online, you can always find a friend to use this service in your favor.  Pay close attention as I will be showing you how to transfer data on MTN line to just anyone in the split of a minute.  The more you do this often, the faster you can do it without having to think about it.

How to Transfer Data On MTN Line

Once you have your phone and the minimum required size of data which is 50Mb, you can do a data share with your friend and family.  Also you need to make sure you have an active plan from which you want to transfer and not a bonus data.

Steps To Follow

First Method

From your mobile phone, dial *131*recipient phone no*data amount#

Supposing the person you want to transfer the data to is 08138439861 and the data you want to share is 100Mb.

It will be *131*08138439861*100# send.

Viola! The data is sent.

Alternatively, open your text message application, Type : 

Transfer (space) Recipients Phone No (space) Data to be sent
Sent this text to 131.

E.g  Transfer 08138439861 100 to 131

Second Method

From your smart phone, dial *131# and follow the prompt.  From the first page, select number 7 (Gift Data)

This takes you to the next page, select 1 (Transfer from Data Balance)

Thereafter you will be prompted to enter the recipients number i.e the person to whom you are sending the data. After that, press the send key.

Following this will be supplying of the amount of data you want to transfer. There are three options: 10Mb, 50Mb and 100Mb. Enter one of the three values.  Note that you cannot enter values outside this three.

After this, press the send key on your phone.  This will be followed by a prompting requiring you to confirm the transaction. 

When you confirm this, your data will be successfully shared with your friend.