How To Create A Barter Card Without Stress

How To Create A Barter Card

Barter card is a product of Flutterwave that overcomes the limitations of naira debit card.  It is a virtual debit card that you can fund in your local currency, say naira, and have it credited in the dollar equivalent.  With this, you will be able to buy from your favorite online merchant or make international payments.  It allows you to make transactions beyond the daily limit of your physical debit card.

Let’s Create a Virtual Card

1.Download Barter by Flutterwave from your device store and install it.

2. Sign up by entering the required personal details

3. Complete the KYC and identity verification process required.

4. ‘Add money’ to your Barter account either through your debit card, or bank transfer

5. Click ‘Create new card’

6. You could either create a Multifunctional card (i.e it can be used for all your online purchases/payments) or a custom card which can be used for specific purposes on specific platforms (e.g Netflix card, or an ASOS card)

7. Enter the amount you’d like to fund your dollar card with. (Note: card creation fee applicable)

Boom! You now have a barter card.

The most interesting part of this is that you can create more than one virtual card and assign each for a different purpose. For example, you can create a card that you will only use for Netflix subscription. You could create another one for online payment for credential evaluation or professional courses only.  You could also create another one to buy from online retail stores like Amazon or Wish.

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