Cheapest Universities in The UK For Nigerian Students

Cheapest universities in The UK For Nigerian Students.

I decide to write about some of the schools in the UK that are relatively cheaper compared to the other schools in UK. Notice that I use the phrase relatively cheaper because no school in UK is for the common man especially if applying from Nigeria without a scholarship.

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Below is a table of UK cheapest schools and their average yearly tuition

List of UK Schools and Fees

Sheffield Hallam university13,250-155003000
Birmingham city university1320030003
Nottingham university8565-256952000
Leeds trinity1125050% Tuition
University of Cumbria1280050% Tuition
Liverpool Hope university3000
University of Chester104503000
University of Hall925020005
Bournemouth University135002000
Wolverhampton University
Glasgow Calendonian University35008
Nottingham University
Dundee University1800010007
University of Berbick800
University of Cumbria
Liverpool Hope University
University of Staffordshire
Teeside University
Harper Adams University
Burkinghamshire New University
Coventry University
York Saint John University
Edingburgh Napier University
University of Sterling200012
Bolton University12450
Cardiff Metropolitan University4500
University of Coventry80003
Anglia Ruskin University2000
Sunderland University1100035003